Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Do You Have the Times?

Hey everyone, I'm back with another exciting installment of my blog. this is your chance to take out a few minutes of your day to get a glimpse of the stange and disturbing world which takes place 24 hours a day 7 days a week inside my head.

This is surely going to be one of many posts I make from the few moments of peace I get at the office. it's a nice way to unwind slighty during the day. It's like IMing, exept that I'm IMing with myself... and I'm not using any messaging software. But other then those few things, they are EXACTLY the same. But I digress... I've recently had a lot of complaints regarding my blog.
"you don't post anymore"
"how come you stopped posting"
"why would you come to work without pants"
"swear at a parent again, and I'll fire you"
"you need to stop murdering hobo's"
"no one will pay money for an alchoholic's liver"
"freeze, you have the right to remain silent"
bitch bitch moan moan. Lemme make one thing clear. I post to give you a glimpse inside my twisted and demented mind. if you're exposed to too much too quickly, you'll die! and I'm not talking quietly in your sleep, I'm talking about face-melting death, raider's style! Jason Vorhees bad! I'm talking about cats and dogs, living together... MASS HYSTERIA!!! So before you say "hey, how come Benji hasn't posted in a while" remember that I'm doing this for your own protection... and also because I'm wicked lazy.

untill next time,
Ciao mama

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to me (does that sound dirty to you too)

so.... it's kinda crowded in here, but have a seat and get comfortable cause you're in for the long haul.

so I would like to first get something off my chest. I have a thing against blogging, I feel as though it's a haven for people who have nothing to say and way too much time to say it. After coming to that realization, setting up my blog was the next logical step.

although I can't promise that my blog will always be exciting, but I'll try to blog as many people, places and things that I can find (awesome ;p). Hopefully this will allow me to present you all with the best of the best that both myself and the internet has to offer. Today I bring you... The Urban Ninja! It's awesome!

I'de like to thank you all for visiting my blog for the maiden voyage, and I can only hope you'll visit again soon!